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Milton Mcwatch lit a candle on 04/05/2013: "this is for my brother johnny !!!! in soirit forever between the earth and sky !!!!"
MommaRéJane ApalAlways lit a candle on 03/22/2013: "Still feels like a bad dream & yesterday marked 8 years! You're right here in my heart where you abide 4ever, <3 you so."
Echo PHELAN lit a candle on 02/01/2012: "Just thinking about you today tomorrow and forever miss u buddy...RIP one love (L) love echo and girls :)"
Sibby Henhawk lit a candle on 12/29/2011: "We love and miss you dearly Jonn had short but nice visit with you on your day. RIP"
Anita General lit a candle on 12/28/2011: "Happy Birthday Jonn. Miss you much."
Mom Joseph-LaForme lit a candle on 06/15/2011: "In 2 more days your duda & aunt Mamie would be celebrating their 92nd Birthday! <3 you Jonn! You're the BEST!"
Asha Smith lit a candle on 12/27/2010: "Can't believe it's been so long miss u like crazy always thinking about u Hun love u always fly with the angels xoxo"
Echo Phelan lit a candle on 12/19/2009: "Hey hun was thinkn about U & thought i would come out & lite a candle for u, miss u bro xoxoxoxox"
Lisa&Alicia Anonymous lit a candle on 01/27/2009: "We wish we had heard in time 2 attend & pay our respects. We love you & miss you more than we can say!"
Echo Phelan lit a candle on 12/19/2008: "Hey Jonn Jonn it's almost xmas time thought I would come lite a candle for u. God bless hun.xoxoxo love Echo and girl's."
Crystal General lit a candle on 11/25/2008: "Letting your know you are often thought of every day. Miss ya Jonn boy."
Mario Bird lit a candle on 11/21/2008: "I would like a copy of your work when your mum gets it published."
JonnsMum Joseph-LaForme lit a candle on 11/08/2008: "Trying 2 get your work published thru VolumEs! It'll be GREAT! Love You So much! IMY!"
ECHO Phelan lit a candle on 09/09/2008: "Just wanted to stop by & say how much u are missed jonn jonn! Love u hun rest in peace!!!!"
Asha Smith lit a candle on 05/18/2008: "to my bbf may god be with you while u look down on us all with smiles of happiness miss you terribly love you always hun"
Tammy Hill lit a candle on 04/15/2008: "love ya lil big man"
Asha Smith lit a candle on 03/22/2008: "always remembered never forgotten, think about u everyday, fly with the angels hun love you"
Stanley Phelan lit a candle on 03/21/2008: "Hey bro today has been 3 years thought i would light a candle for u <3U! RIP see U soon!"
Echo Phelan lit a candle on 03/21/2008: "Not a day goes by that I don't think about u, Miss u see u on the other side some day. Love Echo and the girls."
Cheyanne Kocielski lit a candle on 03/17/2008: "i miss u cya in a bit when i get there peace out dude"
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