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Jonn did a lot of work for the & requested that it be updated a week to the day before he was murdered.  He brought all of the writing that he could collect on such short notice to the house here on the Six Nations Reserve (A.K.A."Tuscarora Township") in Southern Ontario, Canada.  The whole family has benefitted by his benevolence in that they get to read his original writing in his own handwriting!
The Park  

The Park

Going to the park was a big thing
The only place to sit down and swing
"You can't go alone you're only six years old!"
My young mother's cheery voice would sing
"It's too bad you're only six." I'm told
By my big brother who's not so bold
From bullies were he protecting me
He would simply state, "It's much too cold!"
The park's not now what it used to be
Me and my brother are close you see
When we were young he resented me
Back then the park was the place to be

copyright by jonn joseph 1999

The Poem Why  

the poem why

when i place my pen on paper
i can't help but want to taper
off my contact in my latest
thought i'll tell you not my greatest
former thorough conversation
that has been fueling my sensation
of a great imagination

when i read my own cognitions
written in my last edition
i get a sense of satisfaction
that i can't get from any action
i do for my own self-amusement
when i want to have some issues sent
to people for whom my heart is meant
so they can read it and rejoice
out loud or with an inner voice
after reading my rendition
wondering if it's fact or fiction

writing needs my concentration
so i can think of the relations
between the things i think and feel
and what things in this world are real
or things that my mind just creates
so my life makes me elate
no matter how happenings rate
so when good or bad i have to judge 
i can easily give my mind a nudge
wandering through these many stations
trying to theorize creation
by jonn joseph in 2002

Edited Version of "Time"  

Time goes by way too flipping fast
No wonder why most people live in the past
They study their life and the opportunities passed
Wishing the right ones they had reached out and grasped
Some lived by the knife and put they foot on the gas
While others just trifled and sat on their a**
And nobody wants to say they wasted it all
But it can take all your might just to stay on the ball
Who the heck’s going to make you get back up if you fall?
Hopefully somebody likes you who’ll be there when you call
Cause we all have our fights our arguments and our brawls
If I lose it tonight get off track and get mauled
I could booze it all night or I can choose to stand tall
Or I could do both and probably get my revenge
What matters the most is if I can still see my friends
If I go too far I could end up in the pen
Slurring all night, drank too much alcohol
Telling fat girls they look just like Barbie dolls
Get tweaked of good weed and bounce off the walls
Beef with some heat packing gangsters at the mall

The pain will come quickly when you meddle with guns
Having fun can be tricky when you’re on the run
It’s real flipping sickening to leave everyone

Go ahead and try to say that I just follow the leader
I bet you’ll never see me on stage dressed in a wife beater
Or depressed about the effects I have on my life neither
I don’t expect all the best things alright but I’m still eager
These days rappers just want to express the height of their own skills
So they scare the rest out of expecting to get their own deals
It pays the very best just to be protecting their own mills
Their fame and their own deaths and especially their chrome wheels
Eventually they forget what this life is all about
And then they start to lose respect for the fans that helped them out
Then in their heart they get the feeling it’s them who got let down
They’re fall-apart’s for not dealing with what’s happening right now
I’ve had it up to here I’m going to destroy these fake rappers
And I’m starting it right here, right now with you and your laughter
You remind me of a toy that all the kiddies are after
Harmless and annoying like a fallen Hollywood actor.

The pain will come quickly if you meddle with guns.
Having fun can be tricky when you’re on the run
It’s real flipping sickening to lose everyone

No matter what they say this silt leaves you stunned
One day there’s your army and then you have none
Nobody to run to just you and the sun,
 Just you and the moon,
 Just you all alone feeling like snit in your room.
 Wishing like heck that you did listen to all those people who loved you who told you not to do something stupid
Cause all you’ll do is ruin your whole flipping life and all that matters to you.
 Now you’re suffering nightly Trying to see through the gloom.
 You did everything right but all you could do is lose.
 You sing and you write and start the substance abuse.

By Jonn Joseph, 2004.

Amazing Samples of Jonn's Writing Expertise  

It can throw off your whole life’s good cadence
If you let yourself give in to frustration
Life will pile you right up with more aggravation
Until the only way out is hardcore sedation.
It’s a vicious cycle that’s why you must have patience.

I am so proud that I’m from a good nation,
Even in jail we get eggs and bacon;
If you work like a snail, you still get vacation;
There is always reason to have some elation,
There are four different seasons one has to be gracious.

In My Dreams
In my dreams I see you there
As I walk down the aisle I feel you there,
Watching over me. I know you’re here.
In my eyes filled with happiness and mischief I see you there,
As I hold myself, I feel you there
Watching over me. I know you’re here.
I love you.
No longer can I touch you
With that I feel much pain which is
Imprinted now on my heart and mind
Until we meet again.
We long for all those yesterdays when
You made every day worth while.
You are the reflection of my smile,
You are always in my heart.

By Jonn Joseph, 2002 & 2003

Jonn's Exemplary Talent  

I Turn Around

When I was young my life turned off course.
Ever since then It has got even worse.
I even forgot where I was going at first.
Now finding my path has become my curse.
I tried turning around to retrace my steps.
Only to find out the dirt had been swept.
I was dragging some things I shouldn’t have kept.
The only landmarks I found were places I slept.
At one point I crossed my original path.
There was nowhere to sleep when I ran out of gas.
Now I am even further away from my past.
I guess that’s what I get for searching too fast.
So now I’ve turned back around and I’m taking it slow.
I’m fighting the urge to catch up with the flow.
Because if anything’s certain there’s one thing I know.
If I miss my turn again I will fall down below.

Go ahead and get your 38 you’re goin’ to need it
Cause it’s you or me and I’m allergic to bleedin’
Plus you never heard of me being defeated
Trust in that and walk away before you’re deleted
When I thought up this rhyme I was reliving the past
Someone fed me a line I thought was nothing but trash
But I had used up my time so I couldn’t come back
Now I’ve spoken my mind yo how you feel about that
Freestyle battles only use up half of your talents
First man’s going to lose if the opponents a challenge
Nothing you can do but try to throw him off balance
But if he lacks skill I’ll always leave him in silence
If I go second then all you said was a big joke
Like you expecting all that talking to make me choke
Now I’m rejecting you like I’m coughing up weed smoke
Get some protection cause now I’m pulling a big toke
Go ahead if you wanna try to drop bombs on me
Go ahead just know that I am promising
Go ahead even if it’s your best rhymes you bring
Go ahead cause I’m going to get you next time you see

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